Why do you not offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth like a lot of others do?

Having "Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth" is a fallacy, since there are physical limitations and no one has invented a harddrive with unlimited storage.

Please read the AUP and Terms of these unlimited companies and you will see they do infact limit you....

Disk Space: The reptile host limits you to 250,000 inodes.... that is 250,000 files and folders  not unlimited!

Bandwidth:  The same as harddisk there is always a limit and where they get you is in their terms about CPU usage....get a real busy site and they will get you for resource abuse and make you goto a VPS or Dedicated server, that is after your site is suspended.

What we are getting at is there IS NO SUCH thing as unlimited disk space or bandwidth and the other companies that state so are just using a marketing ploy to reel you in.

We on the other hand, will be truthful to you in all facets of your experiences with us and work with you on any issues that you encounter.

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